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CompletePBX v4 Advanced Online Technical Training

The course consists of 14 training modules, made up of a mixture of training videos, PowerPoint presentations, links to the CompletePBX v4 Reference Guide, hands-on exercises, and assessments.

At the end of the course you will be required to pass a final assessment by configuring a full working CompletePBX system, so having access to a Xorcom CompletePBX v4 system is a prerequisite for this course.

After completing the final assessment, you will need to provide Xorcom with Internet access to your CompletePBX system to allow our trainers to evaluate your system.

On successful completion of all the course materials, as well as the final assessment, you will be presented with a certificate confirming you as a CompletePBX v4 Specialist.

The first document in each module outlines the scope of the module, and contains links to additional reference material (including any relevant PowerPoint presentations used in the video), which you are encouraged to download and review.

After completing all the video material in each module, you must complete the online assessment for that module. If you successfully complete the online assessment, you will be directed to the next module. You will not be allowed to begin the next module until you have successfully passed the online assessment for the current module.

Contents of this Course

1. Introduction and Product Overview
2. VoIP Readiness
3. Installation
4. Post Installation
5. SSH Tools & Tunneling
6. System Settings
7. DAHDI Configuration
8. Backup & Restore, Rapid Tunneling
9. Getting Started - Best Practices
10. Basic Programming I
11. UC Applications SIP
12. Basic Programming II
13. Basic Programming III
14. IP Phone Management
15. Final Assessment


Navigating the Course

All modules and assessments must be carried out in the correct order.

If you attempt to access a module or assessment before completing the previous module, you will see a message that the module is locked.

Click on the Continue this Course button on the right-hand side of the screen to access the modules and assessments in the correct order.


If you need any assistance during this course, please do not hesitate to contact us at training@xorcom.com

Good luck!